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Our diverse bio-region has a wide variety of textile farms nestled among the hills and valleys of Southern Appalachia.

The farmers listed below provide a glimpse into what our local Fibershed is capable of producing. If you are raising fiber animals or growing textiles, please get in touch and help us continue to strengthen our community.

Image via Ballyhoo Fiber Emporium

Image via Ballyhoo Fiber Emporium

Ballyhoo Farm & Fiber Emporium

Location: Bagdad, KY

Focus: Fiber producer, handspinner, natural dyer, shop owner, and educator

Website: Ballyhoo Fiber Emporium

Our primary focus is producing high quality wool from heritage breeds of sheep: Shetlands, Icelandics, Welsh Mountain, and Finn/Cormo crosses. In addition to handspun yarns from single animal origins, we offer natural dye plants, hand dyed yarn from local flocks we shear, raw fleeces, roving, and the occasional sheepskin. We provide hands-on educational experiences in our on farm Emporium, an original general store built in 1929.

Check out our Fiber Mill Project and please help spread the word!

image via:  Cedar Creek Farm

image via: Cedar Creek Farm

Cedar Creek Farm

Location: Somerset, KY

Focus: Flax, Woven Goods, Grassfed Beef, Hide Tanning

Website: Cedar Creek Farm

Through hands-on workshops, farm tours, and educational festivals, we hope to teach and empower our community to grow food for itself and become more self-sufficient.

Our goal is to create a model for subsistence living, that can be used as a learning environment to teach sustainable living skills. Instead of simply growing produce to sell to you, we want to teach you how to grow your own. Food, fuel, water, clothing, shelter, medicine- the land provides all we need to produce these necessities, only the knowledge of how to do this has been lost. We want to empower others to produce all that they can from their land, including a livelihood . Sustainable agriculture is just one part of sustainable culture. Join us in seeking this way of life through a deeper connection with the land.

Image via  Dry Creek Naturals

Dry Creek Naturals

Location: Taylorsville, GA

Focus: Wool Sheep, Mohair Goats, Fiber Artist

Website: Dry Creek Naturals

Dry Creek Naturals is home to a herd of sheep and mohair goats raised by shepherdess + fiber artist Tina Evans. Demonstrations in Spinning, Weaving Knitting, and Felting are offered during Farm-to-Fiber events.

Fiber Farm, Winter 2018

Fiber Farm, Winter 2018

Fiber Farm

Location: Tracy City, TN

Focus: Alpacas, Sheep, Locally Foraged Natural Dyes

Website: Fiber Farm

Fiber Farm is home to a humble herd of alpacas and sheep, along with their two miniature donkey guardians. Shearing, skirting, carding, spinning, dyeing, and weaving all happen on the property, providing a working example of a vertically integrated micro-textile operation.

Events are offered to suit all ages and interest levels. Farm tours, workshops, birthday parties, demonstrations, and weekend retreats are available by appointment.

Hill and Hollow Farm, March 2018

Hill and Hollow Farm, March 2018

Hill and Hollow Farm

Location: Breeding, KY

Focus: Jacob Sheep, Fresh Leaf Indigo, Vegetable CSA

Website: Hill and Hollow Farm

Hill and Hollow farm is tucked in the wooded hills of south central Kentucky, surrounded in fact by trees on three sides with a view to the north. The farms fields are low in the landscape, shaped and bounded by the flat rock creek and its branches. Cedar trees have replaced many acres of what was originally cleared and planted by the pioneers who built the barn and outbuildings that we now use.

Workshops and Demonstrations happen frequently. We also sell our produce + yarn at the Nashville Farmer's Market on Saturdays

Image via  Hope Springs Farm

Hope Springs Farm

Location: Colbert, GA

Focus: Gulf Coast Sheep, Quality Breeding Stock Education

Website: Hope Springs Farm

We are a small family farm in Colbert, GA and we raise Gulf Coast Sheep. We run about 60 breeding ewes, including some cross bred ewes that have some Blue Faced Leicester blood. We sell breeding stock and meat lambs, but we have been seriously selecting for improved wool quality for about 12 years. We have also started to get some natural gray fleeces and hope to expand the availability of natural colored wool in the future. We sell raw fleeces and have had some wool processed for roving and batts. The Gulf Coast wool is medium-fine and works well for hand spinning and felting. The BFL crosses tend to have slightly longer staple length and retain the lustre from that breed. These are also lovely fleeces for hand spinners. I love the idea of working with local artisans to provide fibers suitable for their needs. I am also on the board of our Georgia Sheep and Wool Association. We are trying to educate our newer shepherds so that they can recognize what they have in terms of wool and what they need to do to prepare that fiber for sale or use.

Image via: Last Penny Farm Alpacas

Image via: Last Penny Farm Alpacas

Last Penny Farm Alpacas

Location: Weaverville, NC

Focus: Alpaca Farmer, Producer

Website: Last Penny Farm Alpacas

LPFA is currently home to over 20 alpacas, 2 guard dogs, and 2 mini donkeys. We have focused on building our own herd of colored alpacas with a goal to improve fiber quality, educate others interested in the breed, and support the future of the sustainable fiber industry.

We sell alpacas, raw fiber to finished yarns, along with spinning and felting fibers. We offer farm tours, a small private event space, and hold a number of Open Houses throughout the year for educational purposes.

Long Hollow Suri Alpacas

Location: Gallatin, TN

Focus: Suri Alpacas, Fiber Milling / Processing

Website: Long Hollow Suri Alpacas

Long Hollow Alpacas was started in 2002, on a five acre farm, as an alternative to traditional farming. Traditional farming usually entails a one-way road trip for animals. Raising Alpacas is our cruelty-free alternative! In 2008 we moved to our new 62 acre facility

We decided on Suri Alpacas for their lustrous rope-like twisted locks. In addition, Suri Alpacas account for approximately 1%-3% of the world population of fine fiber producing animals.

Our belief in the alpaca industry is such that in 2005 Long Hollow Alpacas became owners of New Era Fiber - an alpaca fiber processing facility.

The farm and the fiber mill are conveniently located on Wallace Road, about six miles from Gallatin, TN, we are easy to find and fun to visit.


Pippinarrow Cottage Farm

Location: Chelsea, AL

Focus: Farmer, Spinner, Natural Dyer, beginning weaver, designer, and aspiring mill operator/owner

Website: Pippinarrow Cottage Farm

Pippinarrow Cottage is a (mostly) off-grid log cabin in central Alabama. The farm is currently home to a small herd of Gulf Coast Native sheep and Shetland sheep, cashmere goats, Angora rabbits, Cotton Patch geese, and a motley crew of chickens. Bouncer, the Akbash dog, guards us from coyotes.

In the gardens, there are the usual suspects – okra, tomatoes, squash, flowers, and herbs, even some heirloom cotton varieties – but the highlight here is the fall season, when the decorative pumpkins, colorful dent corn, and broom corn are produced for my farm stand – the Firetower Farm Truck – to accompany my hand spun wool yarns, foraged seasonal wreaths, and other small-batch farm products.

Image via  RiverHillRanch

Image via RiverHillRanch

River Hill Ranch

Location: Richmond, KY

Focus: Alpacas - raw fiber, yarn, finished goods, meat

Website: River Hill Ranch

The purpose of River Hill Ranch is to promote living simply, with quality before quantity, remaining conscious of how our decisions affect the world. We live out this purpose by being a family operation using good ol’ fashioned hard work to responsibly produce eco-friendly, sustainable, & healthy products.

Stay in touch for news on Ranch Camp, workshops, and farm-to-table dinner announcements.

[ image:  @rustedearth.co  ]

Rusted Earth Farm

Location: Marshall, NC

Focus: Navajo Churro, Jacob, and Icelandic Sheep

Website: Rusted Earth Farm

Rusted Earth produces handwoven, one of a kind, farm to home textile art. Each piece is comprised of wool from our pasture raised sheep (and llama). We are a woman owned, production/design studio and fiber farm with a focus on the preservation of struggling heritage breeds of wool sheep.

We believe in ethical treatment of our herd and maintain a hands on, personal relationship with our land and animals.  Our sheep live a natural life grazing year round on  our pasture and woodland. Our herd consists of Navajo Churro, Jacob and Icelandic sheep.  These breeds are hardy and require minimal human intervention to survive and thrive in their western North Carolina habitat.  Each breed offers a unique and diverse fiber type. 

Solace Farm Homestead

Location: Coalmont, TN

Focus: Alpacas, Tunis Sheep, Felted Soap, Fiber Artist

Website: Solace Farm Homestead

Solace Farm is an off the grid homestead that hosts a variety of animals and offers a wide range of homegrown goods that include everything from raw fiber, handspun yarn, and knitted accessories, to felted soap and handmade slippers. Caleb and Amy Rae are active hosts in the WOOF-ing community ( WOOF-USA.net) sharing their vast knowledge through this work/share program.

Image via:  Wampa Stomp Farm

Image via: Wampa Stomp Farm

Wampa Stomp Farm

Location: Coxs Creek, KY

Focus: Alpaca Farm

Website: Wampa Stomp Farm

We are a small Huacaya alpaca farm that produces fiber, yarn, and handmade felt or knitted items. We sell at festivals, online, and through our store on the farm (open by appointment).

Stay updated on our workshop + fiber festival schedule by following our Facebook Page .


Our local Mills are responsible for turning raw fiber into finished goods. They provide an integral step in raising the value of these honest ingredients by transforming them into a variety of sustainable products.

The mills listed below provide a variety of fiber processing services available to farms of all sizes. With generations of experience, they provide a vast amount of knowledge in regards to making the most of your fiber harvest.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 8.24.37 AM.png

Echoview Fiber Mill

Fiber Focus: Wool, Alpaca, Mohair (also incorporate silk, organic cotton, tencel, and recycled yarn + fabric scraps.)

Location: Weaverville, NC

Website: Echoview Fiber Mill

Echoview Fiber Mill is a spinning mill, knitting operation, and design house based in Weaverville, NC. We make exceptionally high quality and beautifully designed home goods, accessories, and craft knitting and weaving yarns using natural fibers like wool, alpaca, silk, mohair, and organic cotton. We are textile lovers, designers, and total creatures of comfort. Our work reflects who we are in a style that is both simple and modern. Our facility is a Gold LEED certified building, so sustainability is literally the foundation of everything we do and is taken into account in each decision we make. 

Image Via:  Morning Star Fiber

Morning Star Fiber

Location: Andrews, NC

Fiber Focus: Icelandic Wool, Alpaca, and Llama

Website: Morning Star Fiber

Morning Star Fiber will be closing it’s processing operation 10/15/2018. Everything that is currently in house will be completed by 10/15. We will be taking a break until the beginning of the year and then launch a consulting business [Master Crafted] for mills and farms. We are sad and excited all at the same time. It’s been a joy to serve y’all in this way and we are sure that the future of custom processing will be even brighter.

This consulting work will be designed to work with other mills around the country to help them grow in their capacity, service and quality. It will also be designed to work with farms who are serious about creating a viable and sustainable model for artisan yarns being supplied to the marketplace.

New Era Fiber LLC

Location: Gallatin, TN

Fiber Focus: Alpaca, Llama

Website: New Era Fiber

New Era Fiber specializes in processing Suri and Huacaya alpaca fleece into luxurious, eco-friendly yarn and garments. The soft and light feeling of our products is the result of our commitment to carefully managing every step of our manufacturing process to ensure product excellence while keeping the environment in mind. All our products are sourced and produced in the United States.

Because we are alpaca owners and breeders ourselves, we understand why each alpaca fleece is special. Each fleece has an important use, from that very special cria fleece, to your favorite old guy’s fiber.

Two Roots Fiber Mill

Location: Greeneville, TN

Fiber Focus: Alpaca, Llama, Alpaca Blends

Website: Two Roots Fiber Mill

Our farm, Two Roots, includes a vineyard, an alpaca ranch and a fiber processing mill. The name "Two Roots" was derived from our diverse backgrounds of the deep south and way up north (Canada). With the addition of the fiber processing mill we'll be providing products from farm to you.

Our fiber mill utilizes primarily Belfast Mini Mills equipment which has been operational since February 2018. We are very proud of our addition and welcome you to a schedule a tour.

OPEN HOUSE: Open to all | Sunday, October 21 [EVENT DETAILS]